BBC Health

A source of good advice and good links to other reputable sites. BBC Health can be recommended by therapists who wish to encourage or support internet research by their clients.

Searching the internet for health related topics is a risky business. A site with a professional appearance need not have content of similar standard. BBC Health is a subsection of, the British Broadcasting Corporation’s website. The BBC has an international reputation for good journalism

BBC Health offers:

  • TV & Radio listings (of course) for health-related BBC programmes
  • Illnesses & conditions (alphabetically, by subject, by age & gender or by body part)
  • Help & advice on health, illnesses and using health services (eg: how to choose a family practitioner)
  • Interactive facilities from simple calculators to two complete online courses (one on first aid, the other on confidence building)
  • A pre-moderated discussion board (every message has been checked by a moderator before appearing onscreen, a level of security otherwise only applied to the BBC’s children’s sections)

External links from BBC Health are subject to the BBC’s standards:

External sites that BBC Health links to should carry transparent information about their funding sources and commercial interests including sponsorship arrangements […]

We do not normally link to sites which are not free to access.

We do not link to external sites in return for cash, services or any other consideration in kind.

The external links on the BBC Health site are reviewed and varied on an ongoing basis, according to editorial relevance.

Therapists can recommend BBC Health to clients as a starting point for internet research. The standard of the content and external links should facilitate better interaction with “helpful patients”.


BBC Health