The newsletter of the American Psychological Association. Discussion articles and summaries of research which will be of interest and use to any therapist, be they American, psychologist or neither.

Online resources for therapists are relatively few in number and the authority of some is questionable. The decision of the American Psychological Association to make its monthly newsletter freely available online is therefore laudable.

The bulk of the APA Monitor is necessarily devoted to APA business. In between the committee notices and conference reports there is a wealth of material of interest to psychological and physical therapists.

Feature articles regularly cover both mental and physical health topics. The May 2006 issue considers the mental health implications of Parkinson’s Disease and a new approach to treatment outcome studies.

Particularly useful is the In Brief section, a roundup of recent and relevant research which never fails to provoke thought, discussion and possibly even amendments to practice.

The APA Monitor on Psychology combines the readability of a newsletter with peer-reviewed science. Scanning the Monitor once a month won’t be a major increase in your workload, but could add a lot to your practice.


The APA Monitor on Psychology