A newsletter-cum-blog from the British Psychological Society. Summarising a dozen psychology journal articles each month in accessible prose, the Digest is a good light read and a useful pointer to the full articles.

Unlike the American Psychological Association, the British Psychology Society does not make the members’ monthly journal available online, but does offer the BPS Research Digest: a round up of interesting and thought-provoking recent research.

Each edition features half a dozen writeups of recent papers, laying out the thinking behind the research, the main findings and the possible implications, often with quotes from the authors. Links to the full articles permit readers who can handle the formality of a journal to access greater detail while leaving the Digest itself accessible to a wider audience (or as light reading inbetween heavier library sessions).

Each edition also features a further half dozen links to articles which “didn’t make the cut”. These aren’t written up but are usually as interesting as those covered at greater length. Another new feature is a round-up of special issues of academic journals.

Regular readers will have noticed that at least one article from the Digest usually appears on our main page’s Elsewhere column. There are generally two or more articles of relevance to therapists each issue and while we will continue to highlight articles of special interest, the Digest as a whole is recommended, whether reading the site itself, the RSS feed or the monthly email newsletter.


The BPS Research Digest