A useful list of questions to ask your family doctor. These questions cover most eventualities in family medicine, but are also useful pointers to the information other therapists should be able to provide their clients.

The average GP consultation leaves little time for questions. 5-10 minutes is the norm, most of which will be spent on information gathering and diagnosis.

Patients may have questions which they are reluctant to ask their GP. They may have decided not to take up more than their fair share of the GP’s time. They may have thought of their question a few hours or days after the appointment. In either case, they may hesitate to bother a busy GP again with the same matter.

Phil Hammond, a former GP who writes for the satirical magazine Private Eye and has presented a number of popular medical TV programmes, has written a list of helpful questions covering many of the situations which might occur in a medical consultation.

These include when you are:

and when your doctor doesn’t know what’s wrong.

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